Aglow Internation Mission Statement

· Help restore and mobilize women and men around the world

· Promote gender reconciliation in the Body of Christ as God designed

· Amplify awareness of global concerns from a biblical perspective

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Winter Park Community Aglow will meet Saturday April 11, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. at:
 Aloma United Methodist Church - 3045 Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, Florida,  in Room 24. 
The church is located on the corner of Aloma Avenue and Semoran Boulevard. 
There is no cost to attend, and those coming before 9:45 will be entered into a drawing for a gift.
Our speaker will be outstanding as always. We will hear how the church in Persecuted Countries cope.
Refreshments will be served.  
Men, Women, and Teens are invited.  The Holy Spirit is always in charge.  There will be praise and worship.   Prayer will be available during or after the meeting as the Lord leads.

Since this is our Easter Meeting, we want to remember everything Jesus has done for mankind.  The song below will touch your heart and show the great love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Come and be blessed with us. 
For further information you may call Pearl at 407 538-7984.



Winter Park Aglow Community Lighthouse
March 2015

 The Shepherd and the Lamb are most appropriate for March.

The winds of change seem to be blustering all around us.  All we can do is hold on to our Shepherd, Jesus, who will never leave or forsake us. He is a friend who is closer than a brother.  We are in the season of Lent now, and the Crucifixion celebration is fast approaching.  It is not about bunnies and cute chicks, not even Easter lilies.  It is about the Son of God who gave His life for all humanity.  Now there are those who want to remove the title:  Son of God from the Scriptures, making it more appealing to others who do not accept Him as such.  When He was resurrected with all the power of the Holy Spirit, He was the Son of
God then, and He will be when the trumpet sounds and He will split the heavens with His glorious presence.  Praise the Holy name of JESUS who is now and evermore shall be the same.





I asked the Lord:
What should I give?
He said, "My Life"
That I might live;

He said, "My Eyes"
To see the Lost,
And then "My Mind"
To count the cost;

He said,  "My Hands"
That I might serve
And "My Heart"
That I might not swerve.

He said, "My Feet"
To walk His walk
And "My Tongue"
That He might talk;

But I would not 
A beggar be
For He has 
A Crown of Life for me.

                Pearls of  Wisdom 1986


Winter Park Aglow Community Lighthouse
February Meeting at: Aloma United Methodist Church
                                   3045 Aloma Avenue, 
                                   Winter Park, Florida  32792
                                                      Room 24 at 9:30 a.m. 
                                    Saturday, February 14, 2015

This is the month that we celebrate Love. There are the three different types of which the Greek word AGAPE is the God kind of love, and PHILEO, human kindness or brotherly love, and  EROS which is the romantic type of love.

This month the I CORINTHIANS chapter 14 is the type of love we want to covet. We strive to achieve this pure, unselfish type of LOVE.  Though we may not have reached this goal, we can attempt to practice it, for it is the Scriptural type of love God gives in this great LOVE CHAPTER.

LOVE is the greatest gift that God has imparted to us:   GOD IS LOVE. It is His nature, It is who HE is.  So let us attempt to follow the example that Jesus gave us, wherein Christ died for us while we were yet sinners and gave His life for the whole world; and whoever receives Him as Lord and Savior will have eternal life according to John 3:16.
Never forget that Jesus loves you.  Have a blessed month.  Come to our Aglow meeting and be blessed with Fellowship, Prayer, Refreshments, and a great Speaker.  We start at 9:30.  
Contact Pearl at 407 538-7984 for further information.


Winter Park Community Aglow Lighthouse - Flyer for January 2015

What time I am afraid, I will trust in you, Lord.

What will the New Year Hold for us?

2014 has had its good times and bad times.  If ever we needed to hold onto God's hands, it is the coming year.  There are many predictions, and some of them are not very encouraging.

The promises in The Bible are for today and the future, because God never changes. His words never returns void without fulfilling what they were spoken and written to do. We need not fear, but we are to be steadfast and pray about everything.  Our trust in God is our only hope and security in the future events.  

There are new doors waiting for us to go through, but God promises to be there when these are opened.  He will never leave or forsake us. The key is to have the knowledge of Jesus in our hearts and lives. We do not know what the future holds for us, but we can know and should know Who holds our future.

Prayer:  Lord, you are everything we need when we go through the water and the fires.  Like the three Jewish men in the Book of Daniel, we will come through hard times with not even the smell of smoke upon us. Our enemies will be defeated if we stand still and see the victory on our behalf.  It is not by might nor by power, but by your Spirit, Lord.  Amen.


Winter Park Aglow Christmas Flyer Invitation for December 13, 2014

Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Event:    Christmas Meeting
Date  :    December 13, 2014
Place :    Aloma U. Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. 
3045 Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, FL.
Time  :    9:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.

Jesus is the center of our worship and praise. We will enjoy singing, praise, instruments, and dancing by Aloma's Praise Dancers. A Guitarist will be playing to lead the worship time.

A light lunch will follow the meeting with some refreshments at the beginning.  Any contributions of food, such as a covered dish or finger foods would be appreciated, but not necessary.

There is no charge or reservation required. All are invited: Men, Women, Boys, and girls.

For further information, Call Pearl at 407 538-7984


Happy Thanksgiving from Winter Park Aglow Community Lighthouse

A Time To Be Grateful

At this time of year, we need to thank God for all His provision, for our health, our families, and the freedom we have in this country of ours.
We at Winter Park Aglow Lighthouse are experiencing the graciousness and goodness of God's blessings, and we thank Him for everything He has done for us in making our Lighthouse a successful and loving place, where we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit every time we meet.
We will be sharing our testimonies this month, and you are invited to share what God has done in your life.  We meet the 2nd. Saturday of each month at 9:30 a.m. This month's meeting will be held November 8, 2014, at Aloma U. Methodist Church which is located at 3045 Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, FL. in room 24. There will be signs to direct you to the meeting room.
We are collecting non-perishable items for food distribution. There is a monthly drawing for those who arrive before 9:45.  There is no cost to attend and no reservation is required. Refreshments will be served.  All are welcome, including men. Prayer is a big part of our meeting, and any who wish to be prayed for can receive whatever God graciously gives, and hopefully, the desires of their heart.
Again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We hope to see you at the  meeting. Bring your friends and neighbors.  May God pour out His richest blessing on you and your family now and always, and may you feel the goodness of His love.
For further information, call Pearl 407 538-7984